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Cross platform software services and solutions

Expertise in High-End HMI, Multimedia, and End-To-End IoT Software Engineering

Service Offerings

  • Application Development

  • MCU Development

  • Middleware and Multimedia

  • BSP Development

  • Custom Tool Development

  • Testsetup and Testing

  • Trainings

  • Mobile/Web Apps

Case Studies

Get insight into case studies covering different solutions from a variety of industries (consumer, automotive, industrial). 


The utilization of best framework for the use-case, is an essential success factor for any software strategy. Crossware focusses on a set of well established and future prove frameworks (e.g. Qt, Qt for MCUs, Flutter, Android, Slint) to deliver best in class solutions. 


Qt Service Partner
Qt Training Partner
Slint Dev
Qt Systems


Saurer Spinning Machines
Yoann Lopes Qt

“Crossware matches all our expectations, they enable us to scale both our development and testing needs in a flexible manner, are able to tackle the most diverse and challenging requirements, and integrate well with a distributed international development team.

They are a trusted long-term partner and have become part of our operations.”

Yoann Lopez, Senior Product Manager,
The Qt Group

Lars König

CEO, Crossware

"Customers need to be bold to define the challenge, the supplier needs to be wise to judge it, and both need to take the risk on the way to a valuable relationship."

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