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Qt for MCUs

Qt and Qt for MCUs

Our Qt expertise is evident in the dedicated and continuous support we have provided as a Qt Silver Partner since 2020. With a team of seven engineers actively working on Qt and the Qt for MCU project, they specialise in software development, porting and testing services. Our support covers a broad spectrum, with a particular focus on multimedia and platform topics within the Qt framework. In particular, Crossware has played a critical role in the development of key features for Qt, including accessibility for WebAssembly and digital advertising. This partnership underscores Crossware's commitment to further developing and enhancing Qt's capabilities and solidifies the company's position as a valuable contributor to the Qt ecosystem.

Flutter and Android

Flutter offers cross-platform development, enabling developers to create native-like apps for any platform from a single codebase, reducing development time and costs. Its hot reload feature allows real-time code changes, enhancing productivity. Additionally, Flutter's expressive UI framework and rich widget library facilitate creating visually appealing interfaces. On the other hand, Android, as a mature and widely adopted mobile operating system, provides extensive device compatibility, a vast user base, and robust development tools. Its open-source nature fosters innovation, and the Google Play Store offers a vast distribution platform, ensuring wide-reaching app accessibility.

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Slint not only supports multiple processor architectures and operating systems but also can run on devices with or without GPU. Benefit from out-of-the-box integration into well-known embedded linux distributions such as Yocto, Torizon, Wayland.  Slint also allows building custom, complex UIs for professional applications. you can build your own custom device SDKs, target different panel resolutions, provide pre-configured UI screens and create your own HMI design tools.

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