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Accessibility for Qt for WebAssembly


On behalf of the Qt Group Crossware implemented the Accessibility functionality in Qt6 for WebAssembly. At the first release for QtWidgets only and at a second assignment for QML.

In general, the accessibility of browsers is handled by the browsers and WebAssembly applications haven't had any access to it before. As WebAssembly is a native byte code format that is executed in the browser and Qt can be compiled to this, the Qt Application neither had access to the accessibility features. To enable the functionality, a hidden layer inbetween has been developed that hands over the accessibility requests to the browser. 

For a PoC Crossware implemented and thoroughly tested the features and created the PoC examples which are available in the Qt for WebAssembly examples, today, one for Qt Widgets and one for QML. 

For further information please have a look to the blog we once published:

Furthermore, Crossware has also developed full Qt WebApplications with Qt for WebAssembly. Please reach out to learn more about it. 

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