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Continuous Development Support for the Qt Group

Crossware supports the Qt Group with continous development support (extended workbench) with 8 engineers. The engineers are fully integrated into the development teams and since 2020 the team size has grown steadily. Crossware helps The Qt Group scale their development and testing needs in a competent, reliable manner. The team for Qt for MCU is the strongest team with 5 developers and is fully integrated into the development processes. The support for LTS testing is also long-term with two engineers – other topics are handled by Crossware on request.

  • Qt for MCUs: 5 Engineers permanently

  • Qt WebAssembly: 2 Engineers on request.

  • Qt LTS Release Testing: 2 Engineers permanently

  • Qt Digital Advertising: 1 Engineer on request

  • Qt Multimedia (gStreamer/WebRTC/platform plugins): 2 engineers on request.

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