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Instrument Cluster on MCU Platform and Multiple Implementations

IC Platform
Qt for MCUs
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Crossware was engaged by an automotive Tier-1 to develop their first digital instrument cluster on Qt for MCUs on a Renesas RH850 controller. Crossware had to port Qt for MCUs onto their custom board, integrate their automotive backend with the Qt HMI. Multiple projects ranging from Electric tractors, Off-highway vehicles, 2 Wheelers and EVs were developed on this Qt for MCUs platform.

Crossware helped the customer develop a new line of digital clusters and supported them with technical expertise and bandwidth over multiple project SOPs.

The Tech stack used was Qt/QML, C++, GHS, CMake Complex List views, Startup-animations, Complex dial animations, inter-nationalisation, Themes, Modes were created on Qt for MCUs. Read more about our work on Listviews here.

Our journey started with porting the Qt for MCUs graphics stack onto the customer specific boards. These boards were based on two Renesas Controllers, namely the RH850 D1M1A and the D1M1V2. After successful porting of Qt we also enable the following platform features/optimizations.

  • Enabling image caching for enhanced performance on external Octa RAM

  • Enabling graphics resource flashing on to the external flash

  • Memory optimization for the Font engine

This customer engagement was another success story of how Crossware supported an automotive customer through multiple milestones and SOPs while executing software development remotely.

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