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HMI Runtime and Communication Platform

The customer (a leading European maker of rugged communication products) engaged Crossware to develop their first generation of touch-based audio/video communication devices.. The goal was to develop the entire eco-system for development and end-user customisation of the UI. This included Desktop based UI configurator, a C++ based HMI runtime with 2-way bindings with the Slint run-time and dBUS based communication with other sub-systems.

Key elements of this project

  • One platform, multiple products :

  • Door intercoms, SIP phones, Marine communication consoles

  • Scalable architecture: UI is designed to scale up on different screen resolutions

  • HMI runtime built on standard C++

  • UI implementation in Slint

  • Complex feature development like Video overlays on HMI

  • UI configurator tool for look and feel customisations

This has been a multi-year engagement with Crossware bringing the HMI or graphics expertise and work closely with the customer to develop their first set of touch-based communication devices. The essence being to develop a stable and scalable HMI architecture that could support multiple product lines in the future. The success came from understanding the needs of various stakeholders from the Design team to the core software development teams.

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