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Enhancing Industrial Touch Panel

Industrial Touch Panel

A global leader of automation technologies asked us to help improve their existing industrial touch panel devices. Crossware developed main features and closed the performance gaps of an existing industrial touch panel. Crossware analysed and improved the system to make it market ready and offer a competitive advantage.

  • Implementing Compute Pipeline for 8 IP Cameras

  • Implementing High-End Qt based PDF Viewer (e.g 2 finger zoom, 3 finger rotation, global search, …)

  • Linux/Wayland based Remote Desktop Protocol with 60fps

  • Video player optimization

This engagement involved understanding the constraints of existing products and provide fixed price as well as time and material estimates for complex tasks like performance improvements. Crossware made detailed design presentation on how the multimedia performance improvements would be achieved. These were vetted and improved by the customer leading to successful results.

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