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Revolutionizing 2-Wheeler Cluster Development at a fraction of the cost and development time

Reference Platform Eclipse offers a cutting-edge platform tailored for the rapid development and deployment of most advanced instrument clusters including map streaming. Crossware's reference design combines state-of-the-art technology with intuitive design tools to deliver unmatched performance, reliability, and aesthetic appeal for your vehicle displays. 

Step 1
Selecting The Right Hardware


Infineon's TRAVEO™ T2G Cluster family (CYT2CL, CYT3DL, CYT4DN, CYT4EN) offers a compelling value proposition for instrument cluster projects with its high-performance ARM Cortex-M7 and M4 cores operating at up to 320 MHz, advanced 2D graphics engine (on the fly rendering at 60fps), hardware jpeg decoder and dedicated video memory for sophisticated graphical interfaces. It supports extensive connectivity options, CAN-FD, Ethernet, and LIN interfaces, along with multiple display interfaces for design flexibility. Enhanced security and safety features, such as a Hardware Security Module (HSM) and ASIL-B compliance, ensure data integrity and safety. Its scalable memory options, integrated peripherals, and low power consumption make it suitable for a wide range of applications, while comprehensive software and tool support facilitate streamlined development and faster time-to-market.

Step 2
Adding the Most Advanced and Reliable UI Framework

Qt for MCUs offers the most advanced and reliable UI framework for instrument cluster development by providing a comprehensive tooling that enables the creation of high-performance, visually appealing graphical user interfaces on microcontrollers with limited resources. It features a powerful 2D graphics engine optimized for low power consumption and minimal memory footprint, ensuring smooth animations and fast rendering on resource-constrained hardware. Qt for MCUs supports a wide range of microcontrollers and integrates seamlessly with existing Qt-based projects, allowing for code reuse and reducing development time. Its intuitive design tools, extensive libraries, and cross-platform capabilities facilitate rapid prototyping and deployment, making it an ideal solution for developing modern, responsive instrument clusters in the automotive industry.

Step 3
Kick-Start Your Project with Crossware's Reference Platform

  • Rich UI @60fps and 800*480 pixels

  • Wifi Streaming @20fps

  • 2D and 2.5D Animations

  • Touch and Key operation

  • iOS and Android App connection

  • 50% CPU and 50% VRAM utilisation

  • No external memory usage

Why Crossware

Key Values

  • In-depth MCU and Qt for MCUs development expertise 

  • Development of multiple customer platforms (automotive, industrial, consumer)

  • Multiple products developed for 2-wheelers

  • Free of royalty business model


  • UI App development service factory

  • Platform bring-up and optimisation 

  • Tooling customisation and integration

  • Traveo II trainings and best practices

  • Qt mainline and MCUs crossporting and trainings

Product References on Request

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