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Bomag User Interface
Bomag Logo

In this project BOMAG the global leader of road construction vehicles asked Crossware to downscale their Qt Application developed for an i.MX6 to Qt for MCUs. Jointly we chose the Renesas RH850 together with an 5" display (800*480). 

All screens, complex animations including sprite animations, screen transitions, list and carousel scrolling have been crossported. Various optimisations to reduce binary size without impacting run-time performance and real-time performance data was achieved. 


Some User-interface highlights: 

  • Navigating between and highlighting the focused component of a page, sections, screens through hard-keys

  • Animations (sprite, rotation, number) similar to the Main application.

  • Page depths of 4 with back button going to previous state

  • Listview scrolling through hard keys, carousel scroll  

The project has been executed within 3months timeframe. 

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